Programs by RRFADC

RRAFDC has launched and introduced the different types of programs related with Agro-forestry, Alternative Energy, Livestock, Micro-enterprise and Micro-Finance. It has also launched the SHG promotion program. The following activities are under taken in three program districts of Nepal. Bara and Parsa are major program districts of RRAFDC where as certain software activities are launching in Rautahat district. 

The following programs are running under RRAFDC:

Agro-forestry Programs
     Private Agro-forestry
     Public Agro-forestry
     Lease Land Agro-forestry
     Lease Land Vegetable Farming
Renewable Energy Program
     Briquette Production and Marketing
     Improved Cooking Stove Installation
     Bio-Gas Installation
Rural and Environment Development Programs
     River Bed Control through Bio-engineering
     Sanitation Health and Hygiene Program
     School Gardening and Materials Support
     Environment Awareness and Bio-fencing
     Rural and Urban Forestry
     Infrastructure Program
Other IG Programs
     Livestock Management Program and Goat Farming
     Multipurpose Tree Nursery Establishment and Marketing
     Organic Farming
     NTFP and herbal plantation
     Papaya and Banana Farming
     Kitchen Gardening
Social Mobilization and Capacity Building
     Gender and Social Inclusion
     Youth Mobilization for Rural Development
     Children and Adult Training for SHN
     Leadership Training for Adult (Boys and Girls)
     Coaching and Counseling for NGSP
     Social Mobilization & Capacity Building for Agro-forestry & Renewable Energy

Major Achievements (As per 2015 achievements):

  • Support 173 people for micro enterprise development in Bara.
  • 4500 people aware from consultation outreach program about REDD+ in Terai region.
  • 2 VDCs benefited from 2 communities based natural waterhole conservation program.
  • 7000 HHS benefited from ICS installation program.
  • 80 person benefited from EFLG training supported by LGCDP/DDC Bara
  • 400 women benefited from informal education class.
  • 40 Women HHs benefited from Lease land Vegetable Farming and Family Toilet Construction Program supported by Poverty Alleviation Fund(Innovation Fund)
  • Trained 220 Youth from Sarlahi & Mahottari District by Skill Development Training under Swisscontact/YEP program.
  • 320 family toilets constructed in Rampur Tokani and Buniyad VDCs of Bara.
  • Raised accountability 3 VDCs of Bara under LGCDP/LGAF Program.
  •  4 Communities Capacitate from Citizen Awareness Centre in 4 wards of Kalaiya Municipality
  • Conducted Public audits, Public hearing, Zero Corruption campaign 9  VDCs & Kalaiya Municipality  in Bara
  • 95 groups (50 in Bara and 45 in Parsa) benefited from Poverty Alleviation Program.
  • 5 Communities Capacitate from Citizen Awareness Centre in 5 VDCs of Bara
  • 352 HHS benefited from SIYB Package and 154 HHS out of 352 started entrepreneurship in local level at Rautahat.
  • 1.15 hectare Amriso and Bamboo Planted in Amlekhgunj under President Chure Protection program.
  • 8100 Youth capacitate from Youth mobilization program in Parsa.
  • 12 communities benefited from construction of 5 schools, 1 culvert, 1 humepipe culvert, 1 health post, 1 Health post repairing,2 toilet and 1 school building repairing in Bara and Parsa.
  • 445 families benefited from kitchen garden, health, hygiene and sanitation program in Bara and Parsa.
  • 30 VDCs benefited from micro infrastructure and repair through youth mobilization.
  • 35 Briquette groups formed and trained on production and marketing aspects of briquette in several target districts in support of different donors.
  • Coached and capacitated to 25 NGOs working under agro-forestry and renewable energy of 8 BISEP-ST coverage districts.
  • 5 private agro-forestry groups mobilized seed fund to start goat farming for income generation.
  • 1198 children made aware and oriented by 78 events environment conservation training representing from 68 Child Clubs.

           Established 3 multi-purpose tree seedlings production nursery for seedlings distribution

  • 528 poor women from 45 women groups raised their income level through briquette production and its proper marketing.

          3878 households got healthy and clean indoor environment by installation and use of 3878 improved cook stoves

  • 1955 households were benefited from the initiation of private agro-forestry on 291 ha private land planting different verity of forestry and horticulture seedlings 110342 along with agricultural crops.
  • 236 landless poor families benefited from lease land vegetable on 15.73 ha. area.
  • 758 landless poor families benefited from the initiation of public and lease land agro-forestry on 49.65 ha public and rent-free lease land.
  • 21schools managed clean, healthy and greenery environment by creating and constructing 21 school gardens for 10078 children.
  • About 150 hector faming land saved from flooding by construction of 2000 meters long bio-engineering structure.