Micro-enterprise and Micro-finance


Multi-Purpose Tree Nursery

A glimps of Nursery Farm promoted by RRAFDCMulti-purpose tree nursery is a better source of income generation for the community in grass root level. Basically the women group organizes the tree nursery for their better life option as per their better livelihood. The initial support is managed by organization to run the nursery at first year. The women group is responsible for its care, operation and management on a regular way. They established a revolving fund by collecting regular individual saving and the income of nursery. The women group involved in the tree nursery program is technically skilled in production and distribution of seedlings for plantation purpose. For the purpose of tree nursery establishment, generally the VDC and/or local institutions provide land. The members are linked with Micro-finance institutions for the credit support if needed for operation and conduction of nursery as per individual basis. A better practice is also seen in those members that they mobilize their fund in extra income generating activities i.e. fishery.

Oal Farming and Marketing

Oal (It is an underground vegetable crops used for the purpose of pickle, vegetable, medicine, etc) is a major cash crop used in Agro-forestry. It is underground crop and has very open market for hand to hand supply in cash. It is used for the purpose of manufacturing pickle, vegetable etc and also for medicinal purposes. It is a major agricultural cash crop, cultivated in mass areas of agro-forestry initiated by RRAFDC. The agro-forestry groups sell and distribute it on affordable rate. It is also available in the nurseries established by RRAFDC.

Single Node Cutting Bamboo

Self-RRAFDC has introduced this innovative technology for bamboo cultivation in Terai. Maximum farmers have adopted this technology for production of bamboo seedlings to sell it in local market for their income generation. The special feature of this type of bamboo extension is very short rotation rather than the bamboo propagated by seed and root. The rotation of this type is 3 years for its harvesting. RRAFDC plays an active role for the supply of the product in markets. This type of cutting bamboo for plantation is available in the nurseries established by RRAFDC.

Multi Species Seedlings

RRAFDC organizes several tree nurseries through women groups, private individuals and by its own initiation. Through the nurseries, there is mass production of different species of forestry, horticulture, agriculture, herbal, NTFPs and others. It prioritizes the quality and cost-effective seedlings to distribute in the local people. The major two such type of nurseries are established in Bara to fulfill the objective. VDC Buniyad – 6 and Kalaiya Municipality – 7 in Bara are the locations of those nurseries. The annual capacity for the seedlings production of the nurseries are 3-4 lakh seedlings of different species.


Rural Micro-Finance Program to Enhance the Life of Poorest Community

RRAFDC designed a concept of rural micro-finance program implementation in the grass root level community to provide them credit support for their income generation activities. The basic intension of RRAFDC is to reach up to poor and ultra poor community to enhance their socio-economic life by modeling effective and relevant income generation interventions through the back support of micro-investment. RRAFDC is on initial preparation of this program and has declared several interested and enthusiastic women groups as a target groups for this program. About 39 women groups are the initial target groups for this program. The total families involved in the groups are near about 869 families from dalit, poor, ultra poor, landless, etc.