Technology Extension Unit

Technology Extension Unit

Technology Extension Unit (TEU) is a co-coordinating branch of RRAFDC initiated through company act and regulation to provide technical support services, equipments and manufacturing materials to various development agencies i.e. GOs/NGOs/INGOs/CBOs and other institutions working on various environmental and renewable energy technologies for technology transfer and resource development/management. This unit is committed for environment development, alternative energy resource management and poverty reduction through transferring different technologies in rural and urban communities. Following are the services provided by the unit:

  • Service Supply and Installation

TEU emphasis on quality service supply and installation of various environmental set installation in communities. Previously, it has supported to the several communities to install improved stoves, bio-gas plants, river training schemes and several environment friendly income generating interventions. The major focus is to supply innovative technologies and to install various environment friendly and income generating mechanisms based on alternative and renewable energy interventions.

  • Demonstration and Exposure

TEU is committed to develop and to upgrade the level of awareness on the uses of various appropriate technologies both in the rural and urban areas of the country. In this regard, TEU regularly organizes local exposures and demonstrative activities to disseminate information on the uses and benefits of various technologies regarding basically environment and alternative / renewable energy.

  • Conduction and Support of Studies, Surveys and Impact Assessments

TEU carries out studies, surveys and assessments for several relevant organizations on various rural appropriate technologies. It supports the needy clusters and individuals to bring the rural technologies in the known of all by promoting, modifying and disseminating efforts.

  • Trainings and Capacity Building

The major aim of this unit is to disseminate information and innovative ideas to upgrade capability of various other organizations on various rural technologies by focusing relevant capacity building and training programs. In this regard, TEU provides following trainings and capacity building activities:

  • Management and Developmental Trainings
  • Training on Improved Cook Stove Construction and Kitchen Management
  • Training on Bee hive Briquette Production and its Marketing Management
  • Training on Agro-forestry Technology and its Better Market Linkages
  • Training on Compost Manure Preparation and its Utilization
  • Training on Integrated Pest Management
  • Training on Livestock Management and Fodder Development

Besides this, the unit provides other services such as:

  • Technical Consultancy
  • Installation of Rainwater Harvesting Dam
  • Demonstration on Various Innovative Technologies for Information Dissemination
  • Development Study and Research on various Environmental Components
  • Manufacturing Equipments and Materials Supply
  • Marketing Management and Development
  • Service for Group Facilitation and Development Plan


Contact Person

Mr. Hari Narayan Shah 
Unit Director